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Features of Paymentlinks

  • Groupbuys

    Members of Payment Links get exclusive access to purchase bots that are sold out to the general public.

  • Restock Monitors

    Payment Links has some of the fastest monitors in the game to help you cop random drops or restocks! We currently monitor over 100 sites such as... Kith, SnkrsMr.Porter, Tres Bien, WoodWood, NittyGritty, Undefeated, DSM E-Flash, and Adidas. New sites are also added weekly!

  • One-On-One Support

    Need help with setting up your bot? Having issues with proxies or servers? If so, you have access to veteran resellers that can assist you with any questions about reselling! 

  • Sitelists & Early Links

    Each release a sitelist is posted which includes a list of stores  dropping along with info such as release times, early links, tips on how to cop off of certain sites, etc. 

  • Exclusive Discounts

    Payment Links is partnered with several Proxy companies and routinely does groupbuys that allow members to get proxies from top providers for under retail.

  • Release Guides

    For every major release, a release guide will be posted that gives resell predictions and covers helpful tips and techniques to increase your chances of copping. 


What is Payment Links?

Payment Links is an exclusive cook group for all things resell!  Feel free to scroll up and read the features of the group to get a more in-depth idea of what PaymentLinks has to offer! As PaymentLinks is an online subscription service, memberships are non-refundable.

When are memberships restocking?

Since we're an exclusive group we rarely have membership openings. Usually the last day of the month at 6pm est is when we restock, but make sure to check our twitter @PaymentLinks for exact dates as we tweet out before we restock. 

What platform is the group on?

The group uses Slack to communicate. If you aren't familiar with it don't worry! It is super easy to get the hang of. The reason we avoid Discord is because its mobile notifications are often delayed, which can cause people to miss random releases or restocks that are time sensitive.